Our History

Poissonnerie Blanc-Sablon was first started in 2001 by President William Beaudoin.  At the time there were 6 employees and roughly 200 clients.  For the first year 80,000 lbs of various products were sold.

Since then, many changes have been made at the Poissonnerie.  In 2005, the Poissonnerie  started expanding to offer more products to more clients; in 2006 and 2007 new cooling chambers were installed and in 2008 a storage unit was built.  The Poissonnerie also invested in the purchase of equipment in order to vacuum seal products.

Currently, the Poissonnerie has more than 800 clients locally, as well as clients from across Labrador and Quebec.  Clients appreciate the courteous service and the great quality of fresh products.  Annual sales now average roughly 350,000 lbs.

Future Outlook

For the upcoming years the Poissonnerie Blanc-Sablon has many projects in mind.  For example, we want to offer our clients more variety of 3rd-transformation products like sushi, cod liver spread, etc.  The Poissonnerie also hopes to extend its market to the big centres, such as Montreal and Quebec City, as well as other regions throughout Canada.

The Poissonnerie Blanc-Sablon is a dynamic business always ready to answer its clients’ needs

Discover the 'Coast'

A land and sea like no other, the Lower North Shore (or "Coast") is virgin lands.  Quebec's Lower North Shore is located roughly 1,600 KMs North-East from Montreal and is one of the large territories in Eastern Canada that's still considered "wild".

Whether its the seafood, wild berries and shrubs, or the land and sea itself the word "fresh" applies to basically everything around here.

Take a few minutes to discover our region by watching the promotional video to the side.